EIIC is an international investment firm focused on private equity opportunities in the structural sectors of the economy across the Global Emerging Markets. Our industry focus covers Infrastructure, Telecommunications, and Financial Services. When you partner with EIIC, you benefit from vast financial and operational experience, broad industry knowledge, and a powerful network of global relationships. Through an integrated approach, we work closely with companies and investment partners around the world to deliver flexible capital solutions.

Previously focused on arranging and advising financial investor clubs on a deal-by-deal basis, in 2013, EIIC management team achieved a first close on its first dedicated direct equity investment vehicle - European Infrastructure Investment Company (EIIC), registered under the laws of Luxembourg. The investors in EIIC include a broad range of international institutional investors with a long history of asset allocation to international private equity opportunities through fund-of-fund strategies.

We are presently originating opportunities in which we can place EUR 5-25 million of our own capital per transaction from EIIC. Given our solid track record and a broad network of investor contacts, we are able to create and advise investor clubs that can address very sizeable investment opportunities requiring up to EUR 250 million of equity capital per transaction.

The power of partnership with EIIC means that we strive for better investments, stronger businesses, and shared successes. As investors with vision and deep experience, we think long-term, pursue the highest standards of excellence, and align our interests with those of all our investment partners by putting our capital behind our ideas. We are an active value-added investment manager, focused on instilling best business practices, unleashing unrealized profit potential, recruiting key managers, and attracting additional sources of capital to finance growth.